A lil' bit about me

I believe vulnerability + trust is important in friendships and, since we are going to become friends, I want you to get to know what makes me - me.

Memories are something I hold close to my heart. The way you live life, the people you love, the dreams that you have - they are all so important. & photographs are just one of those things that help you, and others, remember.

I once was embarrassed by how many photos I took - but after experiencing difficult losses in my life, I realized just how valuable photographs are - how beautiful they are. There is no such thing as too many photos. Each photograph tells a story, a memory, and a feeling.

& that is why I am a photographer - because you + your love are worth remembering.


for loved up souls

I am here for the simple things. Walking bare feet, sunsets + beaches, depth in conversations, kitty snuggles, the way the golden light streams in through the windows in the evening - the simpleness of being. 

& that's what I want to photograph. The simpleness of you. The simpleness + depth of that love you two have for each other. The love that sparkles in your eyes, the way your smile forms, the way the wind makes your hair dance. I want you to feel your best self. I am not here for stiff posing. I am here for the movement, the breaths in sync, the laughter, and forgetting the world around you. I want things to be real, to be simple, and to be about you + love. 

​When you book me as your photographer you are not just getting your photos taken - you are getting a heartfelt experience where you get to fully be yourself and create cherishable memories to forever hold dear. My goal isn't to do business with you - it's to become your bestie for the day, to affirm how beautiful you two are, and to hold your memories in a sacred way. 


Outside of my art, I am a wife to the man I fell for at 16 and the gal who will thrift everything and check out every farmers market. I am the deep conversationalist and lover of intentionality. & I strive to live my life loving people with that Jesus-kind-of-love.
I live for the simple + slow lifestyle and have created a space where I can breathe more, hug longer, and savour more simple moments. Daily, I challenge myself to be as plastic free as possible - chasing after the natural, earth-made, sustainable life. 

So, here's to say that no matter who and where we are, we’re all souls wandering this beautiful earth, with a different story to share. No tale is one and the same and your love story deserves to be celebrated in the truest of forms!

& that’s why I LOVE documenting love stories (and hopefully yours too!).

Chai lattes (made from powder) will always be the key to my heart.



Outside of your story, I find inspiration from the mundane moments in life. I pull inspiration, as best as I can, from the beauty of the moments that tend to get overlooked.

It's how you're drinking your coffee on the morning of your wedding day or how you ground yourself by taking your heels off on the dance floor. It's the way he brushes the wisps of hair from your face and the way you affirm him through a hand squeeze. It's the birds in the breeze flying above your head and the warmth of the hug you two give for a couple seconds longer. 

In the end, it will always be you and the world around us that will continue to inspire my art. 

Every wedding, every session, and every love story looks different. & that's what I'm here for. It's the uniqueness of your love story. It's how you met, what your dream date looks like as it's the storyline where you two are the main character.

the process

Your wedding day is going to be the BEST DAY EVER. & Jordan and I are here for you and to help you have the most memorable day of your life!

Our focus is to provide the best experience for our couples possible from our first zoom call meet - where we talk over your day, get to know the both of you, and help make the perfect timeline for you. We will also do the location scouting, refer you to other amazing vendors who will add value to your day, play music to get your wedding party dancing, and keep communication open during the whole wedding planning process.

We are here for you! 

We do our best to try and make booking us a breeze, all while we get to know you two so that we can capture the true genuine love that you two share and so that we can show up to you day as good friends! 

You two deserve to be spoiled! 

Rain, hail or shine, I won’t miss any of the moments!

Love letters



"Megan (and her husband, Jordan) made the whole experience of getting your picture taken easy. I'm personally feel very awkward in front of the camera, yet with each picture she took, the more comfortable I became. She has a nice relaxed, sweet demeanour that makes you instantly relax in her presence, and even forget that there is a camera (in a good way). I don't think I am the most photogenic person, but she made me look good in the pictures. She captured each unique moment with my pets and my boyfriend. I couldn't be any happier having her as my first photographer 💞"


"Oh my goodness, Megan is such a wonderful photographer! She is very dedicated to what she does. She creates not only the most beautiful photographs but the most comfortable, fun environment during your photography session. My most favourite photos are because of her amazing work. I 11/10 recommend her for your next photoshoot!!! To say she is amazing is an understatement!"


"This was my first time ever getting photos done professionally and Megan made it feel so natural and fun!!! I was nervous about it at first but loved the end result. The photos turned out so beautifully and I would definitely go through the experience with her again in the future. Thank you for doing such amazing work, Megan!"


"Megan was such a dream to work with! She did an amazing job making us feel comfortable and capturing so many beautiful candid shots for our wedding and couple portraits. She was so accommodating when it came to choosing times, locations, and even last-minute changes in plans, and we appreciated that SO much. Everything went so smoothly thanks to her expertise, suggestions, and her kind and easygoing attitude!"


The short version of our love story

Throwing it back to when we were 16 years old, we met through an online school where we were completing grade 11. We became close friends over that year working on school projects (more so just an excuse to hang out) and going to youth group. 

We sadly grew apart during grade 12 as Jordan went back to public school to graduate with his buddies. With circumstances that kept us going in different directions, we only reconnected again at 19 when I needed his help with Lightroom - my editing software. 

We quickly became besties for the summer and went to two separate YWAM bases for 6 months, reconnecting, falling in love, and getting engaged after 2 months of dating once we came back. 

That is the short version anyways.

No story is one and the same. & we want to document that love you two share in the truest of forms.