Okanagan Spring Wedding

November 30, 2022

Our Journey & friendship with Darian & Brandon began during our client call with them. The wedding that they were describing sounded like perfection. With their ceremony overlooking the pristine colours of Kalamalka lake, getting their photos taken among fresh spring flowers, and having a jaw dropping reception on the grooms parents property. They dreamt of a wedding that held the freshness of spring, one that was 100% wholly them! Jordan (My videographer/husband) and I were so excited for these two as we have grown to become amazing friends with Darian & Brandon, so we were absolutely pumped to see them tie the knot on April 22nd 2022 (Earth day, which was so fitting for these two wholesome souls!)

Of course not all weddings go according to plan and this one definitely had its own hiccup… which in turn actually allowed me to give these two some of the most amazing photographs, so you’ll learn about that later!

And so we headed to girls to capture them getting ready…

I always love to try and be as creative as possible, especially with shots that are over done; aka the ring shot so I tried to find a way to uniquely display the rings

Then Darian went to reveal her dress to her bridesmaids and her dad.. they were absolutely blown away!

Then we hopped over to the guys at the castle hotel to grab a few shots of them!

We headed to spot overlooking Kalamalka lake for Darian and Brandons First Look + Vows which I must say was one of the sweetest first looks that I’ve seen! We actually made sure to location scout before hand and find 100% the best spot possible for their first look, we ended up finding this look out at with amazing views of Kalamalka lake, it was perfection!

After the sweetest heart felt vows we quickly took a few photos and then headed to the ceremony!

WOW what a amazing ceremony! It was super obvious how deeply these two cared for each other and how close they have grown!

Time to go capture the wedding party and couple portraits!

We got to go to Kekuli bay which was absolutely stunning! The light was perfect, not to harsh, but present enough to give warmth and life to the photos, it wasn’t too hot but rather a nice perfect amount of heat. The wedding party was a blast to work with, and overall we were having such a great time!

The wedding party photos wouldn’t be complete without the guys doing something like this!

And now time for the couples portraits… Hold on, wait a second, remember how I said there was a hiccup in this wedding? Well this is when it took place. We were on the road taking some photos/videos of Darian while Brandon went somewhere. He seemed to take a while, and so we began to worry, and then finally he starts coming down the hill with a look of concern on his face. He began to say things like “i don’t know how to say this” He went on to then say that his dad had been in an accident.. Okay, I don’t want this blog to be sappy and sad, so I’ll give you a spoiler, his dad was fine and even came home later that day! BUT in the moment there so much uncertainty, we were are so frightened of the worst case scenario… so instead of couples portraits we made a visit to the hospital… which to our relief we found out that his dad was alright! Because of this unexpected situation, we decided to gift them a couples session on a separate date… and even though it happened 6 months later, these photos turned out to be some of our favourites! We even managed to get a vintage car and so much more time than we would have at the wedding itself! here are the results!

October 18th 2022

These two were absolutely modelling it as you can see! Anyways… going back in time here to April 22nd!

Time for the reception!

Darian and Brandon’s wedding was a total blast, and all of the moments big and small were all just so perfect!

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