Salt Flat Elopement in Utah

November 7, 2022

My husband + I, while traveling to the states in our converted camper van, had one last location stop before heading home to the Okanagan. It had become a whirlwind of a trip, and the excitement for this next session held much anticipation!

The Bonneville Salt Flats.

This location was on the top of my dream list ever since I began my journey as a photographer, and quite honestly, it surpassed all my dreams. We stepped out from the vehicle in awe of the vast never-ending horizons that surrounded my husband + I.

We greeted our couple, Julie + Nathaniel, with so much excitement and chatted with ease as we wandered out onto the flats. The salty desert seemed to stretch so far – and yet, the mountains drew so near with a flat sea of white being the only thing in between us.

& so began our shoot. Julie + Nathaniel wander far as I captured them as they were – giving them space to enjoy and soak in each other in the vast landscape.

As the ray of sun drew near to the horizon and the light grew in richness – the surrounding landscape begun to bathe in a saturating light. The joy we all felt in that moment will always be wordless. The orange glow of the fading sun grazed their faces as they danced away the light.

As the air grew cold and bare feet froze, hues of blue and violet peered about. A little bit of heaven for us all.

Soon, darkness set along the desert cold, and we mentioned car headlights. So before their car on the salt flats, they danced, kissed, and swayed to music as we captured some simple moments of these two lovers. We all ended the night physically numb, but with warm hugs and a dream set free.

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